About Agile Essential

Given the foundational knowledge about Agile from Agile Fundamental, leaners will further strengthen their understanding about Agile way of working with a comprehensive knowledge about concept, methods, and tools related to Agile framework like Scrum and Scrumban. Also Learners could then reflect on concept and case examples of how companies apply Scrum and Scrumban to increase team productivity and reduce time and cost in comparison to classic business management approaches.


Course Outline

  • Introduction to Scrum

  • What are 3 Pillars that make Scrum effective?

  • What are 5 Scrum Values?

  • What are Scrum Roles and Responsibilities?

  • What are Scrum Activities?

  • Case Study of Scrum Application: ING, The Netherlands

  • Introduction to Scrumban

  • What are Scrumban Activities? How are they different from Scrum Activities?

  • Case Study of Scrumban Application: Machine Manufacturing Company, USA