About Pension Accounting 101
Pension is considered as a long-term benefit that organization can provide to employees in order to help attract and retain employees to stay longer with an organization. With regards to payment for pension that will happen in the future, organizations need to conduct Pension Accounting to understand and appropriately prepare for their hidden liabilities. It is important that an organization clearly understand all the key process of Pension Accounting, key stakeholders involved and challenges that it should be aware of when conducting Pension Accounting.
Course Outline
  • Introduction of Pension Accounting

    • What is Pension Accounting?

    • Pension Accounting Valuation: Pension Scheme

    • Pension Accounting Valuation: Conditions of Pension Accounting Valuation

  • Pension Accounting Key Stakeholders

  • Key Process of Pension Accounting

    • Data

    • Assumption

    • Report

  • Challenges in Pension Accounting